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Barrett Corp & Harrington’s (BCH’s) ‘flatrate’ service makes getting a quotation for an insurance valuation for a block of flats easy, simple and quick.

BCH has surveyed many blocks of flats and has gained vast experience to be able to provide this online quotation service based on information that you provide. BCH is confident that its service will cover well over 95% of blocks in the UK.

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Flats insurance valuation survey, what you can expect.

1. On receipt of instructions

A BCH Assessor will make contact with the Client or Property Manager within 24 hours, to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

Internet research is undertaken to ascertain as much prior information about the building and its location as possible, identifying any potential issues.

2. Site Visit

Using calibrated measuring equipment, the Assessor will take appropriate measurements of each building. All outbuildings and external features such as access roads, paving, walls, fences etc, are also measured to allow accurate costings.

Detailed notes will be taken, recording the age, method of construction, style and building materials, as well as any specific features such as balconies and the like.

Ideally some internal access will be available, allowing details of internal features and standard of internal fit-out of individual flats and communal areas to be established.

Photographs are taken of the main elevations and of particular features, for later incorporation into the report and as an extension to site notes.

3. Valuation and Report

A full cost analysis is undertaken using data obtained from a wide variety of sources, including BCIS, as well as in-house and empirical data, in order to build up an accurate Reinstatement Cost Assessment.

The assessment is presented in a succinct report format with full explanatory notes.

All assessments are carried out by one of a team of regional assessors, which includes Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Loss Adjusters and other suitably qualified individuals.

Compliant with RICS and strictly audited

All reports comply with the latest RICS Guidance and are strictly audited prior to issue as part of our quality control process.