Our expertise in commercial property insurance valuations will ensure that your business premises are fully protected

Not sure how to deal with VAT or the new Community Infrastructure Levy? By defining the use and exact ownership of your building, we ensure that all of our customers are provided with accurate commercial property insurance valuations.

Everyday we value all types of commercial buildings including factories, warehouses, industrial units, offices, shops, hotels, farms and estates, historic and listed buildings.

Most assessments for commercial property insurance valuations require an on-site inspection to note the building materials, take measurements and evaluate specific location factors. However, it may be possible to prepare a desk based review using web based data and information provided by the property owner.

An inaccurate buildings insurance valuation and underinsurance can have grave consequences. Following a major fire, it is not uncommon for properties to be left fire damaged and for businesses to go into liquidation. In addition, repercusions may be felt by Company Directors being sued by shareholders.

At Barrett Corp & Harrington we specialise in insurance valuations for commercial property and therefore have an indepth knowledge on this subject. This is why our expertise can help property owners protect their business.