bch homerate makes it easy to get an accurate buildings insurance valuation and gives you the reassurance that your home is fully insured

Why your home could be underinsured

Quite often homes are insured for their market value, but this is wrong. The amount should be the cost to rebuild from scratch. Even if your home has been insured for its rebuild cost, it could still be wrong. Where did the figure come from? Was everything taken into account?

This is where bch homerate can help, we have made it easy to get an accurate buildings insurance valuation directly via our website – with no need for a surveyor to visit your home

In the eBriefings page of our web site, you can see some typical circumstances and conditions involving underinsurance, click here to view.

What could happen if your home is underinsured?

If you make a claim, you might not get the full amount you claim for. For example, depending on your policy, if your home is destroyed in a fire and your home is only insured for half of its rebuild cost, you would only be able to claim for half of what you have been insuring for!

What can you do about it?

bch homerate is a simple service that can check the amount your home has been insured for and, if necessary, put it right, it’s a cost effective solution and it’s so simple we don’t even have to visit your home.

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The process is simple and clear to follow, if you have any questions whilst completing the survey request please call, one of our staff will be happy to help.
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