We have specialised expertise and experience in buildings insurance valuations for blocks of flats

Our BCH Flatrate buildings insurance valuations for flats are available for any type of of flats from new developments to converted houses.

Acting on client feedback, our fees are based on the number of units and not the sum insured. We handle anything from individual blocks of flats to large portfolios. Our work on a number of very large schemes has enabled us to develop efficient processes and valuable experience. We are confident in our ability to assess complex listed buildings and those properties in unusual or complex locations.

In the event of a claim, being correctly insured enables all to focus on rebuilding people’s homes as quickly as possible.

In 2013 81% of the buildings BCH looked at were underinsured by 67%. That means that if a block is insured at £1,000,000, it should probably be insured for £1,670,000; that’s a big shortfall to ask leaseholders for.

We act for freeholders on the recommendation of insurers, underwriters, managing agents and RMCs. If you represent the freeholder(s) you do not want to have to face questions about underinsurance and your professional advice.

If you are involved in the insurance of blocks of flats and have concerns that they may be underinsured, or just want to get it checked, please feel free to call us today.